About Us

Company Limited Production Trading raw materials Kim Hung gather supplies and prestige in foreign Into a main supply , stable supply Khoen lava , buckles, rivets for manufacturing shoes handbags and exports .
Company được established stores Kim Hung from 12.04.2005 , the tax code 0303740275 and Facility Kim Hung from 01.07.1999 , the tax code 0300769798 .

Recent undergone seven years of construction and developers , companies have trở one provider , trusted partner of multiple companies producing shoes , handbags exporter in the country . By Date 05/04/2012 converted into Company Limited Production Trading KIM HUNG raw materials for business license registration number 0311696397 municipal investment plan and Ho Chi Minh City .

The country is being developed on the track with the fast pace , the demand of export markets for the day as improving both quantity and quality of the product . The company invests chúng machinery , technology , human resources meet the needs of all for our customers .

With all the prestige and power of his , Trading Company Limited raw materials Does Kim Hung commitment would not have our best and as loyal customers of the benefits !

31 Ton That Hiep Street, Ward 13 , District 11 , HCMC . Ho Chi Minh City
Tel : 54/39627 396 253 843 Fax : 39627843