Kim Hung Accessory good , competitive price on Thanh Nien

Tin Tức on 12 Nov , 2014

Fashion is a harmonious combination of several factors : materials , designs , colors , lines , textures , patterns … And to get the complete fashion products can not not mention the role kinds of accessories such as buckles, eyelets , rivets , zipper …

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Accompanying the development of the fashion industry , over time , manufacturing materials , domestic and accessories have been significant changes in order to meet some of the needs of the market . As one of the pioneer in the field of manufacturing and supplying all kinds of accessories for footwear and handbags exporter , Ltd. Commercial Production of raw materials Kim Hung has constantly affirmed its reputation as well as that strongest on the market .

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Mature from a manufacturing base materials with small-scale launch in 1999 , through many years of development , until 2012 officially established Commercial Production Co. Kim Hung materials to professionalize and improve production capacity and efficiency to meet the diverse needs of our customers .

The flagship product of Kim Hung including; Lock, eyelets, rivet, ode … for the manufacture of shoes and bags xach.Voi outstanding quality and diversity of designs, styles, materials, products accessories Kim Hung has always been customers trust and appreciation.

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In addition to investing more equipment, machinery and modern technology, the company also focuses on the development of skilled human resources, long-term commitment to the company, by the regime and policies to improve the cycle unique for employees.

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Besides, the company also supplies a collection of prestige at home and abroad, to ensure power supply goods in bulk and stability to your partners, customers hang.Voi motto “the quality, reputation first, competitive price, “company Kim Hung materials will certainly meet and longmoi degree of customer needs.

It can be said, from the right development plan of leadership and lines, equipment and modern technology combined with the dynamics of a team of staff with expertise, experience, company materials Kim Hung not only meet the demand for raw material supply for the unit in the country, but also promote export to overseas markets such as Europe, America, Japan ….

Some of the major brands in the country such as Vinh Thong Co. SXTMDV … Kim Hung selected partners provide raw materials, kientrong years.

By all credibility and its capacity, the criteria “to serve customers in the best way,” Production Trading Co. Kim Hung materials will continue to assert its position to its credibility in the market school materials as well as contributing to the development of the fashion industry today.